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Nha Bao, MD

I am the Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist with specialty expertise in treating Depression and Anxiety disorders. I also have a passion for helping people learn about themselves. My vision is to positively change the way people see and experience themselves, mental health, and the world around them. I spend time learning about you and then custom fit a plan just for you. ​

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Topics such as tolerance, acceptance, value, and self-worth are just a few fundamental elements that I may also help you uncover and master through Psychotherapy engagement with me.  When you work with me you’re the captain and I'll be serving you as a guide. I want to help you understand who you are and what your vision is. This individualized medicine that I provide allows for more accurate diagnosis, more effective treatment plans and ultimately a more consistent, stable, and longer lasting remission. Thank you for engaging in care and I look forward to helping you. 


Areas of focus:

Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology, Anxiety, Depression,

Adults 18-60

CBT, Psychodynamic

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"Dr. Bao has been exceptional. His attention and genuine care has made wonderful improvements in my life"
Romantic Couple
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