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My Story

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Different Sides of the Table

Things in life can appear different depending on where you sit at the table. I thoroughly enjoy understanding how someone thinks, behaves, and views themselves. Giving space to someone in an attempt to helping them improve their view of the world and themselves is fascinating as it is rewarding. I’ve spent countless hours engaging with mental health topics, psychotherapy, treatments and disorders. I’ve grown fond of this path that I’ve had the privilege to interact with, however this hasn’t always been the case. Far from it.


My father was murdered before I was born. This was no one’s fault. The man who pulled the trigger had a psychotic episode that entailed command auditory hallucinations. This happened 2 weeks before I was born. In one fraction of a second, my mother’s life and my life were irrevocably changed forever.


Growing up with this fact had many unintended effects. At first, and for a while, I felt shame, guilt, sadness, and anger. This drove me to seek knowledge and through my own journey I learned that mental health disorders are not something you choose nor are they your identity. Rather, they simply exist and we learn tools to overcome them. As I attempted to make sense of my own world and reality, I came to the conclusion that mental health disorders can alter the brain and thus the way people behave or feel or even think. Through this understanding I came to find peace in my own reality and ultimately acceptance. I then realized that I wanted to help others to find their own tools and skills to navigate their own mental health. Becoming a psychiatrist has been a wonderful avenue for that mission.


I am a person who turned tragedy into hope. First with myself, and then for other people who struggle with their mental health. I believe the most powerful word is vulnerability. Learning to master this has been one of my greatest achievements. Through my own twists and turns I’ve gained so much knowledge about myself and what it means to be a shining light. I know, firsthand, what healing thyself entails and truly means. I could not have gotten where I am without the care that I receive. Today, I can confidently say that I’ve sat on many different sides of the table in life. Sometimes we don’t get to choose which side we start on. But we don’t have to always sit on that side. Having learned how to locate the different perspectives myself, I know that I can help you master yourself. Let me help you do that. And remember: Be vulnerable. Be bold. Be you.

Let’s Work Together

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Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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