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The Bespoke Experience

Everybody has different shapes and sizes and naturally each mind is different. So it makes sense to have mental health care that fits in line individually, to each person, mind, mental state, and progress. You aren’t here to conform to me, I’m here to conform to you and ultimately help you to conform to yourself. 

Detailed Evaluation

We will spend time initially to understand your symptoms, your mind and your concerns. We will do a thorough examination of your current state, but also your previous history. We will do a deep dive not just into your mental health but also your physical health. There is clear evidence that the mind and body are connected, so understanding both are essential in the evaluation. We also explore your patterns, themes and relationships. This is important throughout your care here. Mental health is dynamic, so continual monitoring is paramount. 

Beach at Sunset


Diagnosis remains one of the most important factors in your journey. Not every aspect is considered pathology, so clearly identifying and understanding a diagnosis will dictate treatment options. Accurate treatment relies on an accurate diagnosis, and this is why we will spend significant time understanding you and your experience. 

Treatment Menu

Based on our agreed upon diagnosis as a team, I will tailor a specific treatment menu. This will be a list of evidenced based options for you to choose from and they will be reasonable options. Your choice is entirely your own to make and I will support whichever decision you land on. In the event you dynamically would like to alter any treatment menu, I will redesign a new treatment menu for you to adjust for any concerns or desires you want. You are the captain and I am an asset to you to support you in your informed decisions. 

Sandy Beach


I believe that the state of psychiatric care is about 50-100 years behind modern medicine. Unfortunately we do not have accurate biomarkers to assess your well being from a mental health standpoint, although this is coming. In the mean time, it remains important that you continually engage in care to help monitor and assess you, your needs and your treatment plan. Mental health is dynamic, so consistent follow up is essential. This will also provide a safe space for you to explore yourself beyond any diagnosis. At the end of the day, your diagnosis does not have to be your identity. I will be here to help you on your journey to understand who you are and ultimately what your vision is.

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